The seven benefits of collaborating with Bambelo

Of course, the services you provide are already sorted out. We don't have to dwell on them. Now it's time to get those customers! We make sure that consumers looking for your service and falling within your region can easily find you.


1. Continuous flow of customers

We provide you with as many customers as you need or can cope with. You set the limits for the growth of your business.

2. No contract term or notice period

Do you want even more customers? We'll take care of it. Want to put the brakes on for a while? That's no problem either. You're not under any long-term obligation, but we remain constantly focused on your growth as a partner.

3. Only consumers whose needs match what you offer

Since all the enquiries we forward to you are from consumers looking for the service you offer, all you have to do is persuade them to become customers.

4. You only pay for quality enquiries

In the unlikely event that you find some among them that fall below our standards, we won't quibble. We only charge for enquiries that are correct and complete.


Working with my Happiness Manager is very pleasant and constructive

"Simply put, my experience with Bambelo has been excellent. Working with my Happiness Manager is very pleasant and constructive. My Happiness Manager is the go-to person if something isn't right. In short, I am very satisfied with our collaboration with Bambelo and can foresee a long and pleasant collaboration to come."

Klaas Wijmenga
Driving school owner

5. Choose the size of your region

Are you targeting your own local area or do you want to serve an entire country, or even more? We'll provide a region that's as big or small as you like.

6. Your personal Happiness Manager

How quickly do you respond to customer requests? When can they expect to receive a quotation? Work with your personal Happiness Manager to optimise your processes and discover how to maximise your opportunities.

7. No worries about digital marketing

How nice would it be if you only had to concentrate on doing what you're good at? That's exactly what we are offering you. We make sure your customer flow keeps growing, so your business keeps running smoothly.


Optimize your administration

Zapier is an online tool that allows various apps and programs to be connected to each other. This makes it possible to send requests from our systems directly to your CRM system.

  • No manual administration means saving time
  • More efficient follow-up, allowing you to follow up on more requests
  • Faster follow-up - requests are immediately in your CRM system. This enables you to respond more quickly, which can have a positive impact on your conversion

Every day, 2,500+ partners use Bambelo's services to find more customers


Are you ready for a lot more customers?

All around you, consumers are waiting for the services you provide. We make sure they know where to find you. Contact us and together we'll see what you need.

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