Notary & Accountancy

Notary & Accountancy

Grow your customer base

Are you a notary and/or accountancy specialist who needs new customers? Enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one marketing solution. We'll help you grow your customer base.

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Thanks to over 15 years' experience, we can help you obtain the maximum possible return.

Irrespective of the region you operate in, we can provide every specialist with potential customers.

We believe in our approach. That's why we don't charge commission and there is no contract term or notice period.

We do everything we can to keep you happy. We're proud of our partner satisfaction score of 9.2/10.

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It can be a very simple matter to increase growth

At Bambelo, we help you get more business and permanently increase the size of your portfolio. Together with our team of dedicated account managers, we provide you with hot leads and work towards achieving maximum returns. This is how we make sure you can save time and focus on what is really important to you!

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Easily obtain more customers

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The seven unique benefits of collaborating with Bambelo

Discover how you are always assured of interested customers without having to do a lot of marketing.

  • Continuous flow of customers
  • No contract term or notice period
  • Only consumers with a clear need for your service
  • You only pay for quality enquiries
  • Choose the size of your region
  • Help and advice from a personal Happiness Manager
  • No worries about digital marketing
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Are you ready for a lot more customers?

All around you, consumers are waiting for the services you provide. We make sure they know where to find you. Contact us and together we'll see what you need.